Teak Furniture

The comfort of a house is not only determined by the location and the size. By creating the harmony of family intimacy, the choice of your furniture can also define the value of the beauty of living.

With the growing number of Indonesian population and the increasing need of living property, the chance of furniture industry is also evolving. The resources—natural and human—are indeed available to accomplish the need. Furthermore, Indonesia is not only capable of filling domestic needs, but also furniture demand of the global market.

Furniture Manufacturer in Indonesia

The trend of the furniture industry in Indonesia has not reached a steady state yet. After showing a displeasing development before, the furniture market in 2014 to 2016 has been presenting a satisfying result.
According to the minister of Industry in April 2006 during his visit to the industrial state in Jepara, the furniture industry in Indonesia has been through a significant increase. Denoting from the valid data in 2013, the value of rattan and wooden furniture in Indonesia has shown a positive trend.
In 2013, the value had increased to USD 1.8 billion. A year later, the number had another increase to USD 1.8 billion and another billion in the following year. With this fact—along with the unlimited storage of materials in the country—the government is optimistic that the entrepreneurs of Indonesian furniture industry are capable of winning the global competition through Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) or the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Fortunately, negative issues are emerging in the second quarter of 2017. There are issues about the fall of the national furniture industry, and it has the potential of making 2.1 million people who work in the sector left unemployed.
It’s hard to avoid that the tense global competition has become a fundamental trigger. The falling competitiveness has caused many domestic, comparative competencies left deprived. Furthermore, the Jepara’s carvings which have been a promising sector of the furniture industry are slowly moving back under the shadow of the foreign furniture industry.

Around Southeast Asia, Indonesia has no longer become the frontrunner on the sector. While Malaysia and Vietnam continue to dominate the market, Indonesia has been showing a significant waning. On a greater area, Indonesia also has an unfortunate position. From the 20 furniture exporter countries, Indonesia is barely at the 17th rank.

The local industry entrepreneurs are eroded by the massive furniture industry brought by foreign investment. A vast area of forest, accommodating natural resources, and potential investment climate is not secured by a firm regulation.

A weak regulation around the difficulty in exporting, the high loan interest rate, and the high-priced materials aggravate the great potential of the progress of furniture industry in Indonesia. As a result, more and more furniture products on the site of craft business pile up in the dusty corner.

Rather than waiting for the government steps on the regulation side, the support of Indonesian community would also have an important role. By buying valued local furniture and pushing up the demand, the domestic industry would rise.

Teak Furniture in Indonesia

One of the best material that has been established as high-quality furniture is teak. Though the modern designs often use a lighter type of wood to produce furniture, teak is still leading the market.

Teak Furniture from Jepara, Indonesia

Teak furniture in Indonesia has been known for its fine quality especially those from Jepara. Various teak furniture manufacturers from Jepara have been leading as the biggest supplier of teak furniture in Indonesia.

As a matter of fact, it has been around since Dutch colonialism occupied and arrogated the archipelago’s resources. Teak has been used as the material of every house and farming tools in the era of Majapahit kingdom. It has been seen as a profitable commodity compared to the famous Indonesian spices.

Indeed, the first lodge was even built by the Dutch colony in Jepara. The lodge was then used to accommodate the best teak woods to be transported to Europe. In short, using the material from Indonesia, Dutch had become the world-class ship manufacturer.

The Superiority of Teak Furniture from Indonesia

After the Dutch colonialism era, teak furniture from Jepara had been renowned around the world. Then, what distinguishes this so-called green gold furniture with others?

  • Detailed and Unique Carvings

Teak wood is one of the strongest among other woods. Unfortunately, this superiority has been a problem for the furniture industry entrepreneur to carve the wood into unique designs.

Yet, it had been proven otherwise by the teak crafters in Jepara. They manage to make beautifully unique carvings on teak woods. The sophisticated designs and complexity of the wood structure do not seem like a significant problem. Craved with the high skills that have been going from generations to generations, Jepara teak wood is capable to become the best teak furniture Indonesia as well as marketable artwork in the world.

  • Elegantly Styled

Teak wood gives a sturdy, classic, and elegant look on the furniture. No matter how centuries have passed, teak wood has always been the choice for furniture especially for the luxurious houses in its room decoration.  They decorate the house by the touch of teak wood on various areas of the house.

In choosing the teak wood, the crafter usually goes through a selective process. The process of cutting, manufacturing, and finishing is going under the best quality procedure. Collaborated with the comfort of interior design, teak wood furniture with its natural color gives a luxurious, stylish, and elegant nuance to the house.

  • Strong and Durable

Basically, teak wood is a luxury item. The luxury of this type of wood goes in accordance with its age. Like wine, the older it gets, the better the quality it has, and the higher the price will be. On average, teak trees aging between 80 to hundreds of years are being cut and taken to the production line specially to produce furniture. The number of years will also add up the wood’s sturdiness. Thus, it is not surprising for the teak wood to have a high price.

  • Water and Bug Resistance

Besides its toughness, Jepara teak wood is also resistant to water and bugs. Try to compare it with furniture made from other types of wood which often produces wood dust on the floor. With teak wood, you would not find any problem with wood termites which often shorten the life-span of the furniture.

Jepara teak wood has a natural oil composition which helps it to resist water and bugs like termites. This feature has made teak furniture suitable for outdoor purposes.

Teak for Outdoor Furniture

With the perfect tropic climate in Indonesia, more people are setting some of their lands as an open area. Small gardens in the back of the house, on the sides, or the front yard are decorated by fresh and colorful plants.

To enhance the experience in the open area, the best choice is to decorate it with a range of outdoor furniture made from teak wood. The elegant color of teak combined with a small pond and colorful flowers will transform the open area to a cozy, elegant place. Not to mention that teak wood has a quality of outdoor weather resistance, which will be the perfect match for the garden. The natural setting will help you to ease the mind after a long busy day.

But, where can you get the best product? Look no further. We provide a range of grade A teak outdoor furniture that gives an exquisite look to your house. Each of our teak furniture products is made from high-quality material. Certainly, the process is going under a high supervision and produced by the best crafter. We guarantee the high quality of each process, from picking up the material to the finishing step. We are aiming to provide a perfection of comfort through our teak outdoor furniture for your house with the best, affordable price.

We offer various types of teak outdoor furniture: folded chair, bench, table, patio table with umbrella, accessories, and more. You can also decide the size and modification depending on your need.

Teak Patio Furniture

Wherever you put it, a set of teak wood table and chairs would be the perfect pair for your garden. The best part is you don’t have to give particular treatment to maintain the endurance of the furniture.

We provide some models of teak patio furniture product to embellish your comfortable terrace.

  • Deep Seating Set

This teak furniture is suitable for a patio with garden. This set of low table and chairs can be combined with comfortable cushions and will give a cozy spot for the whole family and friends to lay back and relax.

Deep Seating Set has several choices. Those are the Sevilla Deep Set, Nevada Deep Seating Set, and Milan Deep Seating Set.

  • Sevilla Deep Seating Set

Sevilla Deep Seating Set consists of four kinds of furniture: one coffee table, two single chairs, a three-seat long bench, and a footstool.

  • Nevada Deep Seating Set

Nevada Deep Seating Set consists of three kinds of furniture: a long coffee table, two single chairs with braid decorations on the back and armrests, and a three-seat bench with crossing braids ornaments on the back of the armrests.

  • Milan Deep Seating Set

Milan Deep Seating Set also consists of three kinds of furniture: one three-seat bench, two single chairs, and a coffee table. However, the coffee table is lower than the Recta Coffee Table on Sevilla Deep Seating Set. The ornaments design on the chairs’ back and armrests are simpler and less intricate.

  • Rocking Chairs

There are three variations that you can choose from the Rocking Chair of the teak outdoor furniture: Kintamani Rocking Chair, Glider Chair, and Sydney Glider Chair.

  • Kintamani Rocking Chair

You can get the rocking sensation on this elegantly styled chair. Made of a strong teak wood, you don’t have to worry about the endurance of this rocking chair. After a long day, relaxing on the chair during the evening will help you to refresh your mind.

  • Glider Chair

If you want a more relaxing sensation, you can pick our Glider Chair. This type of furniture has two parts which consist of a basic rocking chair and a lower chair for the foot to rest. This chair is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  • Sydney Glider Chair

Sydney Glider Chair has a rather similar specification with Glider Chair but it has lower height than others.

Teak Garden Furniture

If you are interested in having teak garden furniture, avoid using any cushion to prevent dirt and other problems on the cushions. You should also arrange the furniture size with the right space, so it does not block the mobility and steps around the garden.

To enhance the look of your garden, we offer various options of grade A teak garden furniture below:

If you happen to have a pond in your garden, having a lounger will make a perfect relaxing time. In this beach chair, you can lie under the sun privately, read quietly, and do other activities.

We provide different choices of loungers with the best quality. There is Torino Folding Sun Lounger which folds easily for storage purposes, London Stacking Sun Lounger which is a basic beach chair without wheels, Carita Double Sun Lounger which a two-seat beach chairs, and more.

This long chair is suitable to place under a shady tree. You can have a relaxing conversation with your partner, meditate, or chill out on this teak wood bench.

We offer more than twenty choices of benches. Each of them does not only have different designs, but also different sizes. The width of the bench varied from 120 cm to 240 cm. It has unique designs, from the basic long bench, curved long bench, to the hexagonal and circle bench.

  • Tables

Complete the furniture in your garden with unique natural styled tables. We provide six types of the tables: Gateleg Table, Coffee Table, Teak Extend Table, Teak Fixed Table, Teak Folding Table and Teak Bar Table.

You can also add matching wooden chairs to the choice of your table. For example, teak Bar Table can be a perfect match to high Teak Bar Chairs. You can also choose a different design of bar chairs such as Marley Bar Chair with Arm, Marley Bar Chair, Halfmoon Bar Chair, San Francisco Swivel Chair, Viking Bar Chair, Viking Swivel Chair, Toronto Bar Chair, and Java Bar Chair. Each of the chairs has an ergonomic and unique design.

Besides the teak outdoor and garden furniture, we also have a series of other wooden furniture and Teak accessories Furniture. You can use it in both outdoor and indoor setting, like a wooden trolley, tray, laundry basket, succulent flower box, and other accessories.

We aspire to deliver the best teak furniture product to your house. By combining the grade-A materials with excellent craftsmanship, our teak outdoor furniture will improve the beauty of your house. All in all, buying our products means you are helping to boost the domestic economy.