How to order our furniture?

Ordering furniture with us is super simple. All you need to do is follow these easy steps below







Browse and select the items

To start your order, you can browse and select from our furniture products catalogue, and put in your wishlist to order

Request and ask for a quote

After you have the wishlist products, request your quotation by send email to us. We will email you back with the product quotations in less than 48 hours

Make payment

After dealing with the price, you can start making payments starting with the down payment as stated in payment term

We manufacture and stay in touch

After you make a deposit of payment, soon we will start the production process. We recommend that you keep in touch with us to monitor the progress of the production till to delivery

Pay the balance

You need to pay us the balance when we issue the shipping documents. Once we get the payment confirmation, we will load the goods on the cargo.

We send the cargo

THAT’S IT! You completed the order, and the products belongs to you, enjoy!