How to Design Your Outdoor Space with Teak Wood Furniture and Other Elements

How to Design Your Outdoor Space with Teak Wood Furniture and Other Elements 1

Outdoor space is where you spend time to gather and relax with your family members and friends. That’s why it should be designed properly. It may follow or not follow the interior design of your house.

One of the elements of designing outdoor space is to choose the furniture, which should provide both function and comfort. With a proper table and cozy seating areas, the most basic patio can be altered into a wonderful spot; even it may turn into the second family gathering room during warmer days with wicker couch and timeless rocking chair.

Even if you only have tiny bit of spaces, such as pocket gardens or balcony, there’s always possibility to turn it into great patio areas with the right furniture.

Designing Outdoor Space Tips with Teak Furniture

Now, when it comes to outdoor furniture, durable material is the key point to choose them. For instance, teak wood furniture from Indonesia can be a primary alternative which serves you best quality and reasonable price, whether you are looking for a patio chair sets or dining table.

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How to Design Your Patio Space by Using Teak Furniture

How to Design Your Outdoor Space with Teak Wood Furniture and Other Elements 2
How to Design Your Outdoor Space with Teak Wood Furniture and Other Elements 5

Start by envisioning how you’d like the patio to function and look. You may make a mental list of what activities that you’d like to use it for and have it as guide to decide what types of furniture would be deemed as proper and necessary.

Speaking of durability, teak wood is a material that brings the longevity and visually pleasing benefit to the space. It has one of the most interesting color, grain, and texture amongst other wooden materials, especially by the fact that it’s able to maintain the warm toned golden color for a long time. It also has greater strength point as hardwood types compared to majority of softer wood, making it an ideal choice to use as outdoor furniture.

Regardless of what furniture material you choose, you have to test it first when shopping for sofas and chairs. The furnishing will be used frequently, particularly in warmer seasons such as summer and spring so you have to see if they are truly comfortable.

Another thing to remember, if you want to align the furniture to match with your preference, space, and budget, it might be a good idea to get furniture that can serve multiple functions at once.

Outdoor Dining Set Indonesia Furniture
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Speaking of the space, don’t forget that you will need room between tables and seating areas to move around. Smaller houses such as urban homes and condos have greater space limitations, so it’s sometimes necessary to go with fewer and smaller furniture.

Next thing to keep in mind is the lighting. It’s not rare for people to enjoy their times on patio outdoor space after a long day or as the sun is setting down. Having the space properly lighted increase the possibility to spend more time there.

For additional elements, you might go for accessories such as rug, to complement with the teak furniture. Choose one that has rich texture and feel soft under your foot to provide the comfort of indoor space to the outside. You may want to match the color and pattern to make the space look well tied together. Plants are the other things that deserve to be added to your list.

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The ideal outdoor space is designed to be cozy, home-like, stunning, but also durable. It’s an area that worth to invest to, by incorporating premium teak furniture that’s serve value for your family for years. You may want to check out the diverse options that Indonesia teak wood furniture market has to offer, including the options to ship overseas.

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