How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Look Like New

How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Look Like New 1

Have you just purchased new outdoor furniture? It is not a secret anymore that having new furniture will urge the owners to keep it looking new as long as they can. Well, that can happen to you as well. By doing tricks to prevent it to deteriorate, you can keep it long-lasting, which later will benefit you as you will be able to use it for years.

Listed below are the tricks to keep your furniture from deteriorating, especially if your furniture is an outdoor one. This article below will explain why you should be aware of putting your outdoor on grass, how to keep your furniture safe even if you are putting it near pools, and what can air and weather do to your furniture. All of which will help you to consider about what to do to keep your furniture in its prime look as new.

How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture (Tips)

Keeping Your Furniture on Grass

How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Look Like New 2
How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Look Like New 5

Putting your furniture on grass isn’t a crime though, even though it is not common compared to putting your outdoor furniture on the pool side. Have you ever thought that having your furniture on grass will bring such damage to it? Let’s delve in more to know the reason.

Grass is not a good place to put on your wooden furniture. As you might have guessed, grass catches on water quite often – let alone moisture. This is why putting your furniture on grass is not a good idea. When the grass is wet, your wooden furniture may get wet as well, although the amount is not significant. Such condensation may not endanger your furniture in a short term, but not in the long term.

Unless your yard isn’t covered with cement, it is not advised to put your furniture on grass. Or, if you want to keep it that way, have furniture which materials have been coated with waterproof coating. You can coat it yourself too as an alternate option.

Having Near-Pool Outdoor Furniture?

Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, and Patio Furniture
Best Teak Garden Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, and Patio Furniture

Placing your outdoor furniture near pool is not only a great choice to make; it is aesthetically pleasing as well. However, this escalates the risk of getting wet by the pool’s splash; which means having your furniture located near the pool increases the risk of getting damaged easier. The next thing you can imagine is having your furniture destroyed due to the water, especially of the water is chlorinated.

As its antidote, you can wash the furniture with non-chlorinated water. Always remember to dry the furniture afterwards. With this method, hopefully your furniture will not get deteriorated that fast. In addition to that trick, have your furniture be polished with waterproof coating.

What Can Weather and Air Do to Your Furniture?

Unless your outdoor furniture is made from a weather-resistant type of wood (for instance, teak wood), then extreme weather and bad air condition can do damage to your furniture. As a result, it is not uncommon to have one’s furniture be paler in color (or even darker) after excessive hours of ‘sunbath’. Or, getting molds on your furniture due to rain.

Aging teak furniture
Aging teak furniture

To keep your furniture on its prime condition, it is important to know what kind of wood is your furniture made of. High quality wood, combined with paint and coating will reduce the chance of quick-deterioration. Having a weather-resistant wood is highly recommended if you decide to get outdoor furniture. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about treating it too much, despite its higher price. Well, that’s the information you may need in order to keep your outdoor furniture to always look like new. To sum it up, it is important to know what type of wood you are having as your furniture. This way, you know what you should do to keep it looks like new, even after years of use. Aside from that, knowing where to put it is also important as environment plays quite a big role in outdoor furniture’s quality

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