Mutiara Jepara Indofurni, a Trusted and Experienced Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni, a Trusted and Experienced Jepara Furniture Manufacturer 1

Jepara is one of the renowned furniture-producing cities in Indonesia, aside from Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Cirebon. The furniture of Jepara is made from various materials, ranging from wood, MDF boards, plastic, synthetic rattan wicker, and to complete it, upholstery. Thanks to Jepara artisans, their furniture is suitable not only for homes, but also for hotels, offices, restaurants, or even accommodations.

Back then, artisans crafted the raw materials using traditional methods of cutting and shaping. Despite the modern and simplified producing technique they derived from Chinese and European colonialists, the style remains authentic and of course, high quality.

Not only high in quality, Jepara furniture is not only about sofas and tables, as mentioned earlier. Variations are basically made to meet the demand of Jepara furniture, which has prospective markets since then.

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Reasons Why You Should Choose Jepara Furniture

Jepara has been known for long as one of the best cities in terms of furniture manufacturing. Their furniture isn’t merely marketed nationwide – many foreign buyers seek their furniture as well. But as just like no ash without fire, there will be underlying reasons why people keep looking for Jepara furniture.

Authentic craftmanship of Jepara’s artisans

With the escalating demand of furniture these recent years, more furniture manufacturers are budding in purpose of fulfilling the demand. However, quality and experiences talk much here.

It’s not a secret anymore that Jepara furniture is manufactured delicately by high-skilled craftsmen in its origin. Not only it has beautiful authentic style, the construction is also made to be strong and durable.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni’s team will ensure that the original style of Jepara furniture remains ‘intact’ – gorgeously set as the first aspect to keep; while producing robust and long-lasting furniture everyone can dream of. With the combo of machine and manual craftsmanship, the manufacturing process can be productively and efficiently done, especially for wholesale needs.

Excellent quality control and sophisticated manufacturing

Many artisans can produce furniture. However, what is about quality? Even in a city that is well-known for its quality furniture, only a few who concern about the quality of furniture. More often than not, Quality Control is one pivotal aspect easily let pass by many manufacturers.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni has good management systems; starting from its manufacturing process to its quality control process. As a manufacturer, Mutiara Jepara Indofurni will make sure that the end-product will always be high quality; so that the customers shouldn’t have to worry about getting a defect product.

Cut-rate prices

Luckily, the city has abundance resources of woods, ranging from solid and teak wood. Therefore, it doesn’t take much price to buy wooden materials from other region. As a result, Jepara furniture manufacturers can produce and further export furniture in a competitive, wholesale prices.

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High durability

Why buy furniture if you often change it? Furniture is supposed to be long-lasting and surely any buyers want to have furniture with such feature. This makes another reason why you should get Jepara furniture. Thanks to their mostly-used materials: teak and mahogany, the furniture is durable – a great investment for years to come!

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni will not let their customers down; hence the team uses high-grade teak wood which may last for tens of years. With a nice durability, getting Jepara furniture for homes or businesses from Mutiara Jepara Indofurni will be a great decision to make.

Weather resistance

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni’s furniture, which is made from teak wood, will be more weather resistant. It is due to the wooden material’s characteristic itself. Teak wood is known for being the most weather resistant: it can withstand heat, cannot quickly catch on fire, and is water-repellent.

Moisture resistance

Thanks to its water-resistant characteristic, teak wood is perfect for furniture as it doesn’t let moisture to seep in. Consequently, the furniture cannot be damaged easily – so immune, even towards ‘wood chewer’ like fungi.

Following that, furniture made from teak wood can withstand cold weather and also invulnerable to dampness; which is good as rotting risk can be dismissed.

Variable models

Although traditional style never steps down from the throne, it turns out that Jepara furniture has a lot of styles to offer. People can find any models they like, starting from classic-themed furniture to the ones minimalistic.

In addition, Jepara furniture also offers a seemingly contradictory two features: vintage model and simplicity. Well, people can pick any furniture suitable for their desire and needs. Therefore, it is easier to fill the house with quality furniture.

Custom orders? Why not?

One of the advantages of getting Jepara furniture is you can modify the furniture as you desire. This will also include adjusting the size, shape, and more specifically, the colors so that the furniture can satisfy you.

Being exclusively designed as per your request may result in a slightly more expensive price. However, think about the possibility of getting your dream furniture. Compared to the price, the experience is way more priceless!

Please here Custom Made


Not only the furniture has a decent durability, having an authentic Jepara furniture can be a great investment. Its beauty never gets old, hence why we used that ‘everlasting’ word to describe. That is why, to get a timeless impression from your furniture, it is advised to get the best furniture from the best manufacturer and with the best style.

Pick any style that suits you – let it be the one with full carving or the one with simple design. You can choose that simple design if you want to follow the trend of minimalism. Or, to give your house a touch of unique, artistic, and antique impression, getting furniture with carvings is much recommended.

Available in several gradings

Since it is possible to custom the furniture, people can order furniture which is suitable to their budget. However, without placing any order, there are mainly several grades available of Jepara furniture; starting from grade A to grade C. The lowest grade is grade C.

However, despite grade C being the lowest level, this economical level still has pretty good quality, thanks to the high-quality materials, manufacturing process, as well as the quality control. But if you have extra budget, it’s better not to hesitate getting the grade A furniture. With higher quality and more professional manufacturing processes, finely-made furniture will be all yours.

Say no more to outdated furniture

Jepara craftsmen, just like any other furniture artisans, are always aware with the current trend. Therefore, say no more to old-looking sofa, dining table, or display cupboard! They adapt to trends well, learn it then modify it to further innovate a new style. Eventually, customers will be able to see their up-to-date furniture models.

Are you the ones who loves vintage furniture? Have no worries, Jepara artisans’ products will never get short of furniture in that style. Remember that customers can also have their design be made into a real product – so that the results can fit their preferences.

Furniture Products You Can Buy from Jepara

Listed below are various products you can order from Jepara:

Teak Wood Furniture

Teak Outdoor Sofa Indonesian Furniture, Garden Furniture
Outdoor Sofa Indonesian Furniture, Garden Furniture

Jepara’s teak wood furniture is undeniably great in quality. Teak wood as its materials makes the furniture long-lasting, invulnerable to various kinds of damage. While added by a touch of Jepara artisans’ state of art, it becomes such product everyone will crave for.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni as a furniture manufacturer has various design of new, painted indoor furniture, as well as recycled/reclaimed furniture for both project business and wholesale purposes. Listed below is our list of products, which is open for customization as per your preferences, or made exclusively for your brand.

Premium Teak Tables

Tables are one among the most-wanted kinds of furniture. Mutiara Jepara Indofurni offers premium table with various sizes and of course, style. Various sizes are also available, starting from box, oval, round, etc. Sets of tables and chairs are also ready to order.

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Contemporary Furniture Chairs

A livable living room starts with a good chair. Contemporary chairs are available to order, with various models and sizes. You can get a L-patterned chairs, dining chairs, or bar chairs for your F&B business.

Sophisticated Cabinet in Various Sizes

Tables and chairs may be the essentials, but without closets you cannot keep your clothes safe. You can also get wardrobes, cabinets, dressers, TV table, and so forth from Jepara furniture manufacturers.

Diverse Door Models

Stunning door models bring good impression before entering the house. Jepara furniture comes with various models of doors too. Let it be one door or two, Jepara furniture’s high quality makes your door last for a long time – even after years of use.

Beautiful dresser

As an addition to those aforementioned types of furniture, Jepara furniture craftsmen can also make dresser in many styles possible. Various sizes are available to choose, drawers/non-drawers is another consideration to make. The decision is all yours!

Teak Laminate Furniture

This indoor-friendly furniture has been developed in such way so that it has same quality like solid wood furniture. The benefits of teak laminate furniture are: less maintenance needed due to less risks of bending and cracks, quicker production, and most importantly: lower cost.

Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture

Furniture manufacturer of Jepara is ready to produce quality teak garden furniture. Currently, their products have been exported to many countries, such as USA, EAE, Australia, and some countries of Europe. Mutiara Jepara Indofurni provides teak garden furniture for wholesale purchase, especially for retails, export buyers, and projects/businesses. Special price is available for wholesale purchase.

The standard quality of Mutiara Jepara Indofurni’s teak wood garden furniture is B-grade. To prove their quality, free samples are ready to be shipped. Detailed construction, best manufacturing process, and fine craftsmanship are main parts of our teak garden furniture.

Points to Remember before Getting Your Jepara Furniture

Before proceeding to purchase Jepara furniture for your house, offices, or your business, make sure to read these tips below.

Better Quality Means Higher Price

The higher the grade of your furniture, typically the price will differ. It’ll be costlier in one with better quality.

Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry, Grade C products are cheaper; but that doesn’t mean the quality is mind-boggling. These products with economical price are suitable for people with tighter budget, but dreaming of having beautiful furniture.

Buy Your Products in Quality Sellers

Don’t just think about the price – in addition to that, pick a trusted shop to begin with. Conducting a simple research by reading information on the net can help you to make the decision.

Professional-looking website can be a predictor that the company is accountable. Purchasing from a trusted company will increase the potential to get quality goods at more inexpensive prices.

Take Care of Your Furniture

Without a proper maintenance, the beauty of furniture will slowly fade away. Not only it will look dull, it can lead to damage as well. It’s quite simple to keep the quality: just clean the furniture regularly and try not to ‘mistreat’ it.

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Buy Jepara Furniture with Mutiara Jepara Indofurni

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Mutiara Jepara Indofurni is a Jepara-based proven furniture manufacturer established in 1998. With more than two decades of experience, Mutiara Jepara Indofurni produces and provides teak wood furniture with the highest quality for both indoor and exterior use. The furniture is export quality, hence simply meeting the expectation of foreign clients.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni doesn’t only sell new furniture, but also reclaimed/recycled teak furniture, modern painted teak, teak laminate furniture, as well as mahogany painted furniture. This well-established Jepara furniture manufacturer keeps its quality constantly excellent with competitive prices – hence why clients have such long-term business relationships with the company.

The company is ready to handle your order, not only for retail purchase, but also for wholesale. Or, if you are an interior designer, getting into business with Mutiara Jepara Indofurni will be a great idea to be carried out. Lastly, for business owners who need wooden furniture for hospitality and restaurants purposes, Mutiara Jepara Indofurni should not be missed from the list.

How to Buy Jepara Furniture in Mutiara Jepara Indofurni

  1. You can simply email the team at [email protected]; or place a call at (+62) 8132-5515-666. Mention your furniture needs and the team will assist you until the very end. If you happen to be nearby Jepara, visiting their head office is applicable as well.
  2. Arrange the furniture that will be loaded into 20HC or 40HC container.
  3. Talk about the shipping process.
  4. Proceed with the payment process and get acknowledge with the payment terms, especially regarding the deposits/advance payment you ought to pay.

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