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An Extensive Buying Guide to Import Furniture in Indonesia

Import Furniture from Indonesia

Furniture production is amongst the most prominent industries in Indonesia with constantly growing export value, according to the data by Regarding Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI). It is mainly due to the availability of extensive material resources. Amongst the growing industry spots, Jepara is often considered as the center of wooden furniture manufacturing […]

Critical Aspects to Know before Buying Furniture from Indonesia

Buying Furniture from Indonesia

Reason Why Buying Furniture from Indonesia is a Great Investment to Make Undeniably, Indonesia is a renowned country known of being a furniture manufacturer. Derived from the data of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, furniture export has shown an escalated trend: starting from US$1.6 billion, US$ 1.63 billion, and US$1.69 billion for year 2016, 2017, […]