An Extensive Buying Guide to Import Furniture in Indonesia

import furniture in Indonesia

Furniture production is amongst the most prominent industries in Indonesia with constantly growing export value, according to the data by Regarding Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI). It is mainly due to the availability of extensive material resources. Amongst the growing industry spots, Jepara is often considered as the center of wooden furniture manufacturing and trade. To know further more about how to import Indonesia furniture, read this article below and explore deeper into the Indonesian furniture industry, Mutiara Jepara Indofurni, and many more.

Reasons to Purchase and Import Furniture in Indonesia

  1. Indonesian furniture industry provides an extensive range of products.
  2. It offers highly competitive price compared to the global furniture market.
  3. It supplies products for commercial and business purpose.
  4. It presents furniture that made from high-quality material such as solid wood.
  5. The production processes are adhered to the legal authentication of SVLK system that aims to legally protect timber resources and products.

Mutiara Jepara Indofurni as Indonesian Furniture Importer

One of the best furniture manufacturers you can find in Indonesia is Mutiara Jepara Furniture. The company offers a wide variety of furniture with plenty of advantages regarding their products, services, and pricings.

Mutiara Jepara Furniture was founded more than 20 years ago. It offers product for teak garden furniture, outdoor and patio purpose with top quality and provides overseas shipment to various countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

Brief Profile of Mutiara Jepara Furniture as Professional Furnishing Supplier

Every buyer wants to get the best deals out of their purchasing, especially for large items like furniture. In order to do so, it’s important to know about what products and services provided by their chosen furniture supplier. One of the most practical ways to select the right suppliers is by doing simple research of their track records and gets to know them better.

Mutiara Jepara Furniture has long history since it was established in 1998. The company is already known to build and participate in global furnishing business in long-term as trustworthy supplier, such as a decade long relationship with some clients. It prioritizes the customer by putting out the best quality of products and services as possible. You can be rest-assured that you will be provided with the best value and most competitive prices, whether you want to purchase and import Indonesia furniture to be used for personal or commercial purposes.

Pricing Advantage of Indonesian Imported Furniture

There are a huge number of furniture enterprises and manufacturer across Indonesia, and some of the best ones are based in Jepara, Central Java. That being said, it shouldn’t hard to find furnishing suppliers that provide a wide range of products throughout the country, with difference of quality, pricing, and material options.

As for Mutiara Jepara Furniture, the price is set according to the wholesale standard of B2B (business-to-business) market. With such an advantage on the cost, the company still manages to be able to put out products with high value and quality.

Quality Advantage of Indonesian Imported Furniture

As it has been mentioned above, customers who want to import Indonesia furniture will be served with extensive options regarding the furnishing material. Most of the Indonesian furniture manufacturers use solid wood as the main material for their products.

Mutiara Jepara Furniture offers products manufactured from legal sources and with A, B grade timber to ensure the durability and C grade with special treatment. They are crafted and constructed by local Jepara professional craftsmen that have eyes on details. All of the items are also going through the kiln drying process properly in order to prevent damage during shipment.

Here are two of the most commonly used material types for Indonesian made furniture:

Solid Wood

There are plenty of solid wood types available and used by the industry, but the most utilized one is the teak wood. In fact, Indonesia is the 2nd largest teak wood producer in the world.

Mutiara Jepara Furniture uses legal sources of teak wood, which the cultivation is managed exclusively by PT. Perhutani Indonesia. All of them have SVLK certification so you can expect problem-free process when you are going to import furniture in Indonesia.

All of the solid woods used have A to B grade and processed with kiln drying method. With more than two decades of experience, the company is sure to know how to produce finest furniture with long-lasting quality.


Aside of solid wood, there are also a wide selection of metal materials, including stainless-steel, aluminum, and iron. Metal is known for its durability and great resistance characteristics so it is a popular material type to be used for furniture.

List of Offered Furniture Products by Mutiara Jepara Furniture 

Below are the provided products by Mutiara Jepara Furniture:

Dining Table

Dining Table Set Outdoor
Dining Table Set Outdoor

As the company is specialized in the production of dining tables, you can find various options garden, outdoor and patio furniture.

Outdoor furniture

Buying Furniture from Indonesia
Buying Furniture from Indonesia
An Extensive Buying Guide to Import Furniture in Indonesia 1
Designing Outdoor Space with Teak Furniture

The outdoor furniture products by Mutiara Jepara Furniture extend from tables, benches, loungers, and chairs.

Wholesale Furniture for Retailers from Indonesia
Wholesale Furniture for Retailers from Indonesia
Solid Wood Types for Furniture
Solid Wood Types for Furniture

How to Purchase and Import Furniture in Indonesia

The shipment process of import furniture in Indonesia typically takes around four weeks after departure from port harbor in Jakarta, Surabaya, or Semarang. Before being shipped, the furniture will be checked for its SVLK legal certification.

To give you more detailed overview of the ordering and importing process, here are the steps to be performed by customer:

1. Discuss your order

Discuss with the company’s representative about the furniture you need and interested in, and you will be provided with the list and samples of products.

2. Organize your order

There are things that must be arranged and negotiated such as the quantities, price, and shipments of the order. The production will be started after you performed payment deposit.

3. Production

In general, production process takes about 6 to 8 weeks to be completed, but it may depend on the quantity and arrangements of products.

4. Shipment

As explained in prior, the shipment process from Indonesia to overseas usually takes about four weeks.

Choosing to import furniture in Indonesia by placing your order can be a great decision. You may use this article as a buying guide before purchasing any item from the country’s furnishing industry.

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