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Tectona Grandis or Teak Wood is one of the many hard wood types, For the world, teak wood is not a strange material anymore. It is highly utilized in furniture, ship construction, and building construction industries. It is a favorable type of wood due to its quality and property, such as being resistant and durable.

In Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Teak commonly used for indoor and garden furniture


Mutiara Jepara Indofurni CV. is certified by various institution both in national and international scope. For National we have certified SVLK and International certified by FSC.

We always concern about the sustainability of the environment.
Sustainability is the balance between the environment, the economy and ethics.

What is Teak Wood?
What is Teak Wood?
indonesian legal wood
indonesian legal wood

Having a standard upon a product will ensure it has met all the quality, safety, and sustainability, which is exactly what the SVLK is for. SVLK is the legal furniture industry certification that applies in Indonesia.

Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) translates directly to Timber Legality Verification System. It’s a system that serves as assurance that wood processed products and their raw materials are gained from production places and management that adheres to legality aspects. The timber used in the wood furniture may be considered legal if the process of logging, transporting, manufacturing, and the trading comply to all of the aspects within the certification.

In Indonesia, SVLK is used as tracking system that works in multi-stakeholders arrangement to ensure that the timber resources and products that traded and circulated within the country, are truly obtained by following the existing law. This certification was developed to encourage government regulations and application regarding the distribution and trade of wood material and products.

Benefits, Considerations, and Tips to Buy Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia

Various Advantages of Purchasing Furniture from Indonesian Wholesale

Broad range of furniture options

If you are a type of person who likes to have wide options when it comes to choosing products, then purchasing item from wholesale will be worth to try. Take as much as you need and have, to dive through the teak Indonesia furniture suppliers that provide unique style of furnishing that may not yet to be available in market.

Customized design possibility

Unlike retailer, wholesaler offers more freedom to customize your furniture. There’s more chance to ask for personalized size or shape – all while still staying at affordable price range. There is not much options if you choose to buy at retail store, where each furniture piece is counted for individual profit.

Lower capital costs for business

For those of you who are looking for teak furniture Indonesia in ample amount, whether as distributor or as business owner, then it’s highly recommended to look for the items from wholesale suppliers. This is generally seen as the best financial decision to cut down the cost of inventory goods.

Time-efficient shopping

Focusing to purchase various kinds of Indonesia teak furniture on one supplier will save you so much time instead of looking around for many shops. You can easily browse on one catalog only to find items to purchase with the guide of the wholesale.

Extensive types of furniture

The market’s taste is often moving with the trend, but usually you’d be able to spot unique characteristic of furnishing that produced by certain country. For example, the characteristics might be related to the shape, color choices, and material that widely available within a country. Read more

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