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Despite the prevalent fierce competition with giant and neighboring countries on furniture industry, it seems like Indonesia is still capable to stand strong on its own. Contrasted with current trend to provide affordable furnishing products in mass production, Indonesia Furniture manufacturers mostly preserve on quality and durability as their main production values.

The growth of Indonesian furniture industry in the global market showed a particularly significant raise at 2018 – which is quite recent. The fact that it’s supported by rich resources of raw material makes it believable that the business won’t go out of page for anytime soon.

In the center of Indonesian furniture industry, there exists Jepara. Jepara has made its own name of furnishing manufacture with first-grade craftsmanship, superior material, and above all, favorable pricing. The latest data reveals that there are more than 5,000 business units and 75,000 workers in this industry alone, which also has contributed to roughly 10% to the entire amount of the country export.

Dominating the local market and being a household name in worldwide market, no doubt the quality and design that put out by Jepara manufacturers will bring you satisfaction. To be more specific, it makes a great choice if you’re looking for bringing quality custom solid wood furnishing to the comfort of your home.

Jepara Furniture: All You Need To Know

Reasons to Purchase Jepara Furniture

Top-quality materials

The primary material used by Jepara furniture industry is teak wood – it’s known for the great quality. The teak wood is resourced from various best places across the country.

Teak wood based furnishings may be bit pricier compared to other materials. However, it poses wonderful colors and textures, along with great durability to achieve excellent final result.

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Superior craftsmanship

On nationwide level, and global to some extent, it’s already known that Jepara is where you should head to if you are looking for furniture with great craftsmanship.

The economic cycle in Jepara is centered on furniture businesses – with majority of them have survived for generations, providing the honed expertise to manufacture high quality furnishing pieces.

Unique and exclusive design characteristic

Each product of Jepara furniture is rich of unparalleled design characteristic that you won’t find anywhere else. One of its special traits is ukiran – a highly detailed and complex handcraft work. It’s also one of the main reasons why Jepara furniture industry holds a competitive role in the market.

Ukiran brings particular value with its interesting, distinctive, timeless, and strong artistic sense. This is what makes the Jepara produced furnishing piece holds special place in the global market.

Flexibility to fit with various design styles

Whether you took a liking for classic, modern, or minimalism interior design styles, you’d be able to find fitting Jepara furnishing to match with.

There is a wide range of product types for every section in your house. You just have to do mix and match according to your taste and preference of decoration. Just one thing to note: it’s better not to go overboard with ukiran and integrate it sufficiently to the space.

Great durability

As mentioned before, most Jepara -produced furnishings are made from teak wood, which is famous for its long durability. Teak wood furniture will still be as good even after a decade, making it a superior choice for commercial or personal fitments.

High resistance

Still related to the prior point, teak wood is a material that’s known to have good resistance, even for outdoor use. Combined with the use of silica and oil, you’d have a good deal of furniture that resist to weather, pest, and other nuisances alike. It gives you benefit of maintenance as well.

Natural and organic charm

Pertaining to the used material, teak wood is a good choice if you want to bring some natural and organic vibes to the room. It has visually pleasing texture and grain. There are also plenty of finishing options to choose from, such as natural, glossy, matte, and others.

Wide range of price options

Depending on the furniture grades, their prices will differ between one another. There is a broad range of costs, started from Grade-A with the highest product quality and priciest cost to the Grade-B and Grade-C items.

Every grade carries different material quality. For example, Grade-C furniture won’t have as smooth of color as other higher grade levels, so you may expect it to have white streaks on the texture.

However, it doesn’t mean lower grade would provide you with poor quality furniture – it mostly depends on the chosen producers or manufacturing process. This is where being selective would bring you advantage, in order to get your dream furniture.

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Broad variations of indoor and outdoor products

There is so much more than table and chair from Jepara furniture industry. You can easily find kitchen set, shelves, case, couch, sofa, and other types of furnishing. Each product can be crafted and customized according to your preference and needs.

Jepara Furniture Buying Guide

It would not be entirely incorrect to say that Central Java, and particularly Jepara, to be the heart of Indonesia furniture industry. However, just as it is with any other industries, not every single product can be produced perfectly and as desirably.

Before you’re landing on the decision to spend your money on the Jepara furniture, you may want to read the helpful buying guide below.

Select a reputable furniture producer

To choose a reputable manufacturer doesn’t always mean to go with the largest or most popular one. Sometimes, it’s more important to find a manufacturer that match with your taste and needs.

As for the general guideline, it is best to do a little research first by reading reviews of several manufacturers and see whose products will suit you the best. It shouldn’t be that hard to find online reviews to get the hang on their credibility and reputation. A furniture companies with more years of experience under their belt is more likely to deliver furniture with higher quality.

Regardless, it is best to read the reviews to see what capacity that the manufacturer is able to deliver. Another thing to look at is whether your chosen manufacturer owns license and legal certification both from the material resourcing and working operation.

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Inspect the materials

No one wants to buy furniture with poor quality, which only brings disappointment. That’s why it’s important to choose only the best material for your furnishing, especially if you buy it overseas with all the risk of shipping.

Wooden furniture that shipped on long journey has potential to crack, bent, or broken during the shipment process. You want to select hardwood or solid wood material. Some of the fine examples are mahogany, teak, acacia, and oak wood.

Again, amongst the wood material types above, teak especially has reputation of providing best value. It has distinctive properties, such as silica and natural oil that makes the furniture has great resistance to decay and termites – resulting in better durability both for indoor and outdoor furniture.

The majority of Jepara furniture manufacturers use teak wood as the main material. Another common wood type to be found there is mahogany. Both make great quality material to produce furniture.

Other material element that’s worth to consider when you are purchasing furniture is the upholstery and cushion or padding. It’s not only their durability that matters, but also the maintenance and safety.

Product Designs

From rustic farmhouse, vintage classic, modern minimalist, to coastal inspired designs, you would be able to find furniture with variations of styles. The products range from kitchen table and cabinet sets, bedroom items, living room equipment, to the patio and garden furniture. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently looking for indoor or outdoor furnishing, the industry will have it available.

If you want the design to be customized, then it is advisable to go through internet for inspiration, to find the suitable style according to your personal preference. It’s also worth to look out for the comfort and usability of the furniture product.

Once you get a clear picture in your head, you just have to find the right manufacturer that provides custom design services and encourage their customers to send ideas regarding of their desirable piece. It’s also possible to request for specific embellishment, color, or design elements that you want to be included in the final result. Please note that custom product usually will cost more than standard ones.

Get good guarantee deals

It’s true that reputable manufacturer have the capability and experience to provide reliable furniture for their customers, but there’s one more thing that usually provided by good manufacturer: guarantee. It shows their commitment to offer products with the best quality along with legal tie to provide refund or replacement in case the furniture doesn’t meet the approved standards.

Most of the trustworthy manufacturers will provide their customers with guarantee or even better, warranty upon the products. As the customer, you have to ensure each part first after the product arrived to your home.

Examine thoroughly the areas that keen to damage: springs and cushion for sofas, drawers and legs for living room cabinets, and so on. If you find any damage, read the returns policy that’s provided by the company.

Quality control

Quality control is not done by the buyers, but it’s a good practice to see if the manufacturer can ensure to perform quality control over all of their products. It proves that the manufacturer runs the business properly.

Regular and strict quality control ensures the buyers will receive the products in good condition. It benefits both the manufacturer and the consumers to maintain good relationship business.

You need to ensure as well that the chosen manufacturer adheres with legal requirement and has license to source their raw material. That way, the process of purchasing the furniture can go on safely.

Aside from choosing the right manufacturer, do make sure that you oblige to the regulations and law of furniture shipment, especially if you live overseas.

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Jepara Furniture with Modern Minimalist Design

The process of looking for the right furniture may take a long time, even may require longer time when you’re trying to get custom furnishing piece.

If the interior design of your house is leaning towards modern minimalist style, you’d also be able to request personalized furniture style. Not all the manufacturers agree to provide custom design so you have to ask about it first.

Furniture manufacturers in Jepara that offer custom modern minimalist have different production process. Here are the factors that affect the result:

Material selection:

The process of selecting material is important, because that’s what determines the furniture quality. You may refer to the prior point about the material choices such as teak and mahogany, to use them as reference for your mini research about furnishing material.

Most furniture experts will agree that furniture with solid wood material can offer better quality in average. It’s totally okay to be picky about the material selection of your future furniture.


The construction of custom furniture will affect its quality. For those of you who aren’t familiar with furnishing construction, then don’t worry because most manufacturers will be more than willing to give detailed insights about the information.


Not all raw resource of material will comes off smoothly. It is especially important if you choose your modern minimalist custom furniture to have delicate and smooth finishes. The manufacturer may apply machinery or hand-sanding process.


Last but not least step in the whole furniture manufacturing process is the finishing part. There are numerous choices you can opt the tone colors – some may offer more protection and longer durability compared to the others.


Guarantee is given by manufacturers who believe and can ensure the quality of their products.

By this point, you should have had a good idea on what factors that must be looked for when planning to buy furniture.

Conclusion on Jepara Furniture

When you purchase Jepara Furniture, there is no need to worry about the quality. However it is still necessary to perform examination to get the best furniture possible – one with good money value that last you for a long time.

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